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Copywriting & marketing support in Cornwall

Copywriting services, brand & marketing support
based in the wilds of Cornwall

Anna Ireland copywriter in Cornwall

The Writer in the Nest

My name is Anna Ireland, and I am the Writer in the Nest.


I am shaped and re-shaped by what is around me. By the wilds of Cornwall, the peace of nature. By the chaos and fierce joys of motherhood and family.


I love sharing and creating stories. To uncover or rediscover joy and laughter and truth. 


With more than 20 years of media and marketing experience, I can help you find your authentic brand voice.   


Working together, I will help you to:

  • Build your brand by shaping or discovering your narrative.

  • Better understand your customer and talk to them in a way that makes sense to them.

  • Explore your customers’ primary routes to market, writing targeted copy that works for each platform.

  • Add value to your customers’ experience through carefully crafted content.

  • Find joy in what you do and share this with others.


I offer one-to-one support, regular support and content provision, and one-off commissions. 


For newly established or existing brands.  

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The Writer in the Nest began life as a copywriting business. But, as I started crafting copy for people, I found other paths to explore.


Branding and marketing have become a broader concept, and this can be tricky to navigate.

Below is an overview of my services. If you need something, which isn't on the list, please message me, and I can see if we can make it happen or find someone who can. 



Words are like apples. Sometimes they are easy to reach. Rich, ripe and exactly what is needed. Sometimes they are beyond our reach or too tricky to grasp. At times, words desert us. The tree is bare, and nothing is fruitful.

Everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer.


I can help you to grow your business with effective copy put in the right places.



Perhaps you are starting at the very beginning. Or, perhaps your brand has grown and now needs a refresh.

Branding is about how we actively shape your brand and business. But it is so much more than this, it is a journey and an evolution.

I can help with this journey, from logo design, imagery, website design or refreshing, marketing materials and brand guidelines. 



Successful businesses understand both their own brand and their target consumer. They then use this knowledge to communicate in the right place, in the right way, and at the right time.

With over 20 years of experience in media and marketing, I can help you to grow your business through considered and well-crafted content (including blogs, social media and newsletters), PR, editorial and advertising. 

Your brand journey

How we work


First, we need to know your brand so that we can have a clear understanding of your true self. We will explore what inspires you in your business, and how this informs your brand voice. 


Then we must know your customer. How will they hear you? How will you tap into what gives them joy or causes them pain? Understanding this, we can better match your product or service to their needs.


We then have to find places to talk to your consumers. We need the right words and images now. They need to go to the right places and at the right times. 


This is how we grow a brand. There is no set journey for us to take. Each one is personal to you. 


You may be a newly established brand at the very start of finding your brand voice. 


Perhaps you have years of experience but feel overwhelmed or uninspired. 


It may be, in the wake of past events, your time is spread differently. You need just a little support to keep your communications going. 


Whatever it is, I can help. Drop me a message and we can see where it goes from there. 


Sam Moore,

Creative Director and Co-Owner at 

Wild Tipi & The Soul Tent Initiative

"When I first met Anna, we clicked instantly. Her understanding and gentle approach immediately put me at ease, and it felt as if we had known each other for a very long time. 


Anna has a beautiful way of really understanding and interpreting your brand and the values behind the business and project. She will always dig that bit deeper to find the key messages that you want to portray. 


Having worked with Anna for a couple of years now, I am continually amazed at how she manages to capture my often rambled stream of thoughts and weaves them into beautiful prose. 


Anna's intuitive writing really is an art, and I am grateful for the care and attention that has gone into her work with us; from social media to magazine articles, Anna is able to find the right messages for each.  


Creative writing is one of the things I always want to do, but I don't often have the time whilst running a business.  It's easy to forget that you cant do it all!!  Anna takes the pressure off my shoulders here and is able to run with this easily. For this, I am always grateful. It allows me to breathe a little easier and concentrate on other projects. 


Getting your copy right is integral to your brand development, and I would highly recommend The Writer in the Nest to anyone looking to take their business to the next level."

Kirstie Newton,

Former Editor at Cornwall Today

“I first met Anna when she lent me her lovely home (and family!) for a Christmas photoshoot for Cornwall Today. She showed an instinctive flair for a story, both in words and pictures.


This was the beginning of a rewarding personal relationship, resulting in immaculate copy and beautiful imagery.”

Some brands I work with...

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The Nest, Truro, Cornwall.

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​"All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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